Facility Rentals

 We offer three separate venue sites.

 Large Hall  -St Mary’s Ukrainian Catholic Centre

 (suitable for banquets, dances, meetings  up to 350 people)

  •  installed speaker system
  • 4 ovens
  • 200 stall parking lot
  • Coat checking room
  • Bar room
  • kitchen facility
  • Rectangular   6 foot tables
  • Large wooden Dance Floor
  • Elevated Stage
  • Free Wifi

Board Room  St Mary’s Ukrainian Catholic Centre  
( for smaller meetings or luncheons, up to  90 people)

  • Bar room
  • Rectangular 6 foot tables
  • Free Wifi

 Recreation Centre  (St Mary’s Recreation Centre)

  • basket ball courts
  • badminton courts
  • martial arts
  • lockers / showers

All 3 venues are available for rent

For more information,

Large Hall and /or Boardroom  call Logan Tacoma  778-877-8318 or logantacoma@gmail.com

Recreation Centre  contact  Parish Office  at 604-879-5830 or hukrainetz@hotmail.com

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